DysReader is an online reading utility for dyslexics to help train you to read better. It does this by flashing words at a rapid rate, which helps in different ways:

Training Strategies

There are quite a few settings you can play around with to optimize your reading, but the two most important are the wpm and chunk size.

1. Decrease wpm

When training, set the wpm to multiples of what you're comfortable reading at. For example, if you achieve 100% comprehension at 100wpm, try setting the wpm to 300wpm. Run through some text, and see how much you can absorb. Try this a couple times, making sure to really pay attention on the text and content that is flying by. Now reduce the wpm rate to 180wpm, and 150wpm. Chances are at the end of this activity, 100wpm will start to feel "slow", and you'll start comprehending at higher wpm's.

2. Increase chunk size

Once you start maxing out on how fast you can go in wpm's, another variable you'll want to toggle is the chunk size. Chunk size is the number of words that are flashed at a given time. Doubling the chunk size (i.e going from 1 to 2) will effectively halve the rate at which words are flashed, since you're showing twice as many words at once.

A tip on chunk size - look into setting the window width and font size accordingly. You'll want to be able to process a chunk in one eyeful, which means you won't want to have a 5 word chunk scroll across the entire screen, but rather in a tight little paragraph at the center of the screen.